Simplicity Heathers / Moisture Management, Anti-Microbial


This high quality solid woven poly spandex is just the thing if you want to be cool and stylish. The Breaker is a durable fabric with no fading, high color fastness, and smooth texture that is perfect for making garments, costumes and dresses.

Simplicity Heather is available in 3 different weights; 125 GSM, 190 GSM and 265 GSM.

The Moisture Management and Antimicrobial System makes it suitable for All Types of Activewear

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Heather” refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade. We in Rex Fabrics have this fabrics in 30 colors including:

Silver, Steel, Dark Blue, Mint, Caribbean, Persimmon, Light Pink, Lipstick, Coral, Royal, Purple, Lilac, Orchid, Red, Dark Persimmon, Neon Pink, Sherbet, Blush, Toffee, Gray, Cobalt, Teal, Magenta, Violet, Plum, Dark Navy, Midnight Blue, Titanium, Black, White.

Heather Performance Fabric is available in 3 different weights; 125 GSM (%94 Poly, %6 Spandex), 190 GSM (%90 Poly, %10 Spandex) and 265 GSM (%87 Poly, %13 Spandex). The 125 GSM has +30 UV Protection, for 190 GSM it is +40 and for 265 GSM the UV Protection is +50. All of them has Anti-Microbial and Moisture Management too.


Type   125 GSM    190 GSM     265 GSM
Content   %94 Poly, %6 Spandex    %90 Poly, %10 Spandex    %87 Poly, %13 Spandex
Weight   125 gsm    190 gsm    265 gsm
Width   58/60″    58/60″    58/60″
UV Protection   +30    +40    +50
Price Per Yard   $4.95   $5.95   $6.95